300 mg per capsule of psilocybin mushrooms

Strain: Golden Teacher

20 capsules per bottle

Gel capsules.



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  • 1-2 capsules

    A mild low dosage you’ll gently float on the clouds. Great for a party, Friday night hang-out with friends and creative processes.

    3-4 capsules

    You’re ready to open yourself up to a psychedelic experience.Expect a body high, deep conversations, laughing mood and good vibes. Make sure you’re in the right environment, with the right people and you’ll have a friendly introduction to psychedelics.

    5-8 capsules

    The classic psychedelic trip you’ve been hearing about. During a psychedelic trip you will feel, think, and perceive new things. 

    8 -10 capsules

    Experienced in the world of psychedelics and might want to experiment with a higher dosage. 

    Please note: This guide is an estimated overview. The effects of psychedelics can depend on many variables such as a person’s length, weight, substance tolerance, mental state and previous experiences.

    Have responsible fun!

    We recommend that you start as low as possible and work your way up with each sessions. And also remember to stay safe, keep yourself informed and only take magic mushrooms in a positive environment!

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